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We invite you to discover another vision of gastronomy: plant-based and marine. In the dining room: The team will guide you through this new and original experience inspired by the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel. The selection of drinks is also unique, composed entirely of artisanal beverages. In the kitchen: The chef and his team highlight seasonal products and offer original pairings, on a menu filled with flavors, freshness, and colors.

If you would like to reserve your table, we await your call at 02 33 60 92 42.

Come live this new experience, whether as a couple or with family, just steps from Mont Saint-Michel!

We can’t wait to welcome you at the Gates of Mont Saint-Michel.

We are happy to share our passion with you from 4 April 2023 !

the chef’s message

“I am passionate, along with my team, about introducing you to traditional dishes that have been revisited. The Menu evolves continuously, with the seasons, within a new concept and with an eco-friendly approach. The entire team is driven by the desire to introduce you to innovative cuisine where vegetables and marine flavors are at the heart of the dish, including local products like our indispensable Salt Meadow Lamb.” Philippe Pochon

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Our menu

At L’Hippocampe, we focus on “ultra-seasonality” and refuse to waste even the last crumb of bread. The fruits and vegetables are largely sourced from regional production, and the seafood is purchased from our local fishmonger.

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L’hippocampe, Vegetable and marine gastronomy

In the idyllic setting of the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel, one can enjoy products carefully selected by our chef Philippe Pochon, respecting their nature and benefits to match the spices that elevate each dish. Our cuisine aims to be innovative, simple, and authentic while being rooted in French culinary tradition.

The drink menu, implemented by the dining room manager Karine Maincent, follows this same philosophy, respecting living beings by offering energizing and relaxing beverages. L’Hippocampe is moving towards zero waste and aims to push its environmental approach even further… you will be the witnesses.

Pratical informations

from 12:00 am to 02:00 pm and from 07:00 pm to 09:15 pm

Route du Mont Saint-Michel La Caserne 50170 LE MONT SAINT-MICHEL

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